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Q4 is a famously important time for e-commerce sellers, with back-to-back Black Friday and Christmas campaigns being the perfect time to capture consumers as they prepare for the holidays. Puppyoo, one of China’s leading vacuum brands, engaged Somos to devise a Black Friday and Christmas campaign using Facebook ads to drive traffic to an Amazon listing.

We opted to create a landing page for two reasons: to qualify traffic and to utilize the Facebook Pixel. Because Puppyoo’s Amazon listing was relatively new, we were especially careful to make sure the traffic we sent to the page was high-quality. Installing the Facebook pixel on the landing page and optimizing the ads for conversions also ensured that we were making use of the full capabilities of Facebook’s data to lower our cost per click to Amazon.


  • Landing Page Design
  • Landing Page Copywriting
  • Paid Social



To stand out from other advertisers during the busiest time of year, we knew our campaign had to pack a punch with pet owners. We started with the copy, which brought Puppyoo’s A9 vacuum to life by writing in the first person.

With value propositions like “The Jack Russel of All Trades,” “As Light as a Chihuahua,” and “As Elegant as a Poodle,” we built on the Puppyoo branding and knowledge of their target demographic to add interest and personality while highlighting the product’s key selling points.

We optimized the landing pages for both user experience and performance, with a unique horizontal scrolling effect on desktop and dynamic vertical experience on mobile. Clear and prominent call-to-action buttons at both the beginning and the end of the landing page experience ensured that the user knew exactly where to go.

We launched Facebook ads targeting US consumers who are pet owners and/or interested in Puppyoo’s competitors or related products. When it came time to run Facebook ads, the proof was in the pudding – the landing page achieved a whopping 65.6% CTR to Amazon! While the CPC was a bit more than we expected, we have every indication that this was seriously high quality.

As the campaign progressed throughout the holidays, we added in custom and lookalike audiences from the Facebook Pixel on the landing page, and began to optimize further lowering the CPC.  This was another very successful campaign where all inventory was sold before the promotion ended, and we actually had to stop the ads early. A very fun, win-win project for all.







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